Room In the Roof 

A quarter of a household's heat loss is through the loft.

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Why Room In The Roof Insulation?

The Energy Saving Trust says that almost a quarter of heat loss is through the roof. This is due to poor and outdoor dated insulation. This, in turn, can increase energy usage and costs. 


Please note, a loft conversion is different from a room in the roof. This is distinguished for example if you use stairs to get access to the loft, central heating system and is habitual as well as the requirements to be called a room in the roof.

The Process

We insulate in 5 sections. Each element gets installed differently. Some points of the insulation are, we overboard the walls with 50mm boarded insulation cladded onto the walls. Behind each of the stalls, we lay loft rolls which are 100mm. The flat ceiling, we install with 300mm of insulation. Some of the insulation we lay is condensed insulation so for example, we lay 50mm insulation but this is equivalent to 100mm of insulation. This is due to the ever-evolving nature of insulation and the efficiency it brings with it.


Once the main bulk of the insulation is complete, we make sure to tidy any mess and take away any waste left due to the insulation. We also make sure any plug sockets are put back incorrectly. The result will be a shell which will allow you to decorate from scratch.


Insulation generally takes less than a day to complete.

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