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Internal Wall Insulation

For years the government has funded wall insulation through various schemes, however the focus has been placed on properties with a cavity wall construction.

Recent changes in the ECO-3 scheme have meant that the focus has been shifted to properties that have a solid wall construction, where the heat loss is greater than an uninsulated cavity wall, but can achieve the same energy efficiency standards as an insulated cavity wall.

How does it work?

There are systems that either apply directly to the existing wall or involve creating an internal specialist frame, which is then insulated. Both systems require a plasterboard and skimmed finish, providing a fresh feel to the room as well as the energy savings benefits. Typically reducing a detached households annual bill by around £455 a year (*according to Money Saving Expert).

How does the ECO scheme work?

The scheme is aimed to help those who are in receipt of a tax credit or DWP benefit, or who suffer an illness which could be made worse by cold. Each property type and tenure is allocated a pre-determined funding grant, also calculated on the heating system and type of energy saving installation being completed. There is a higher level of funding at present for properties that are electrically heated or do not have mains gas.

The ECO scheme can be complex which is how Energy Advice Services can help navigate the funding and finding of an accredited installation contractor.

What guarantees do I have of the quality of the workmanship?

Installers who are accredited to access the ECO scheme must go through rigorous certification, accreditation and auditing processes. This also includes site visits from 3 rd party inspectors and representatives. The scheme also now requires that each installation is provided with an insurance backed guarantee, ensuring you have peace of mind regardless of whether an installer remains within the scheme in the future.

We will complete a technical survey for you and manage the installation through one of our installer network, ensuring the product is provided at an agreed specification.

Will I have to pay?

Most of our customers pay nothing for their installation, especially where the property and occupier meet the current criteria of the scheme. We can provide a telephone consultation free of charge, advise you of what installation may be possible, and confirm whether there is likely to be any contribution.

I’m worried about COVID-19 and someone having to visit my property

We understand and take our responsibilities very seriously at all times, but especially through the current climate. We would advise you in the first instance to give us a call, there’s no risk in a call and we’ll love to go through the scheme, how it can benefit you and whether you’re eligible for internal wall insulation or any other ECO funded energy saving measures.

From there we can also understand your circumstances and whether a technical survey can be completed safely. All of our surveyors have full PPE and hand sanitiser as well as ensuring masks are worn for your protection.

If we either feel the risk is too high to you or one of your family we have an online tool which will produce a report we can send to you, all for free. As circumstances change we can work with you to manage the process.

Its also a great time to apply for the fund if your financial circumstances have changed, we can apply on your behalf now and provide the installation at a time that best suits you!

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