Loft Insulation

A quarter of a household's heat loss is through the loft.

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Why Loft Insulation?

The Energy Saving Trust says that almost a quarter of heat loss is through the loft. This is due to poor and outdoor dated insulation. This, in turn, can increase energy usage and costs. 


With new loft insulation, it is effective for at least 40 years. This can pay for itself at this time. 


To go hand in hand with this, many homeowners are entitled to funding for loft insulation replacing any inefficient and poor insulation.

The Process

Before we insulate your loft, one of our surveyors will arrange a day to visit your home and, on that day, we will review your loft to make sure you qualify for loft insulation. This generally takes around an hour. If you’re happy to go ahead, we can arrange a day of installation. This is a no-obligation site survey whilst being free of charge for coming out. Our team will be all ID’d and you will know the name of the person who will be visiting before they visit.


Installation generally takes less than a day. When we come to install, our industry experts would begin laying the insulation in-between the joists of the loft then cross-layer the installation up until a thickness of 300mm following the latest industry standard. This will stop air from escaping through your loft.


We take any excess insulation away whilst tidying up after ourselves. We can leave a boarded area in your loft if you require and if a water tank is present, we will lay a boarded walk if it is a distance away from your loft hatch. The water tank will be installed with a tank jacket. Any pipes will be lagged with polystyrene for insulation. Your loft hatch will also be insulated with a plastic covering to prevent the insulation from being damaged or moved from opening and closing the hatch whilst being damp proofed. We will also install a hook and eye to the hatch to keep it fastened. All lights in the loft will have a downlight cover to prevent any additional air loss through the loft as well as minimising any fire risks.


Insulation typically takes on average half a day to undertake but this depends on the size of your home. We can give you more info on timings when you get in contact.

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With a quick form completion, we can start the process of improving your loft insulation.